Terms & Conditions

Order: All orders are binding.
Supplementary Orders: Additions to current orders are treated as new orders and can not be applied to prior orders.
Payment: Payment on postage or postponement. Credit is given by special agreement.
Credit: After special examination, credit can be given 10 days. Payment person ID / organ.no must be entered.
Shipping Sweden: All orders regardless of size deb. 139: - for shipping / exp.
Orders sent as packages are charged regardless of size 239: - for shipping / exp.

Delivery time: Stock range usually 7-14 working days depending on quantity & stock status. Other items 2-3 weeks Quick tables will be arranged by arrangement. Normal shipping time within Sweden 3-4 days
Complaints: Report transport damage primarily to the carrier. Other complaints to us.
Returns: Return of wrong goods must be made within 8 days. Return only on written orders, due to risk of lap by phone. Returns are only made from items that do not have a club logo or other unique print or appearance.
Unsolved package: For unpayed packages, we reserve the right to charge the customer 250: - for shipping costs, etc.
Special text, color, etc.: Order with ordered text or own color scheme is binding. Sent by mail or ordered via our webshop. If color is not specified on order gold printing is standard.
Other: We reserve for errors in the price list, as well as price increases except our control. For all items included in print, the price is 1 color at the original original. We reserve the right to replace with equivalent product if the ordered item is over. Full return. VAT is added for delivery within the EU.